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About Forbidden Legion

Forbidden Legion was one of the founding guilds on Turalyon. The original leadership transferred from Lightning's Blade with a vision: to establish a guild that accommodates real life without penalty, meaning real life > WoW.

Forbidden Legion is a Heroic raiding guild with a relaxed atmosphere that won't be found in a hardcore, progression-centric guild. However, we raid with the goal of clearing all available content including Mythic modes. Forbidden Legion finished MoP clearing 14/14 SoO Mythic and 13/13H HFC in Draenor.

As we start our journey into the Legion expansion, Forbidden Legion will carry forward with the goals it was founded on: to challenge our raiders and clear new content, to afford our member base the opportunity to work WoW around their daily lives, and to provide members with a comfortable, friendly, and drama-free environment while playing the game.

For recruiting questions or additional information, feel free to talk to Anatrill, Autohypnosis, Thriana or any officer in game.

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